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Keyword Research & Strategy

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Strategic Marketing, Inc. takes pride in getting the right research done. We understand the market for different business industries and find the search volume and trends targeting your business. With millions of people searching for practically anything online, there are customers at this moment searching for your products or services.

Search Volume and Trends

SMI uses real-time tools to see current and predicted search volume keywords/search phrases that are in relation to your business. We estimate and analyze search volume by using our accounts (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and correlating that data with our own historical data, market research and trade experience to provide you the best possible solution based on your advertising budget.

Once your budget and goals are discussed and keywords are chosen, we will begin you on our month-to-month program and you will be able see your ad on Google, Bing and/or Yahoo.

Seeing Results

A successful search engine marketing campaign will rely on using effective keywords that your customers are actually typing in. Reduce the risk of overspending on irrelevant clicks and target your potential customers by choosing strategic keywords. Once online, use Google Analytics to help track your click-thru's, sales and conversions.

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