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Are you currently running paid media on Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? We provide free audits with existing advertising accounts on either platform. Once you request an audit, our paid social media team will review your account to see evaluate your campaigns. Maximize your potential by working with an experienced digital marketing agency.

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    We will send a request to access your account. You should receive a notification from your social media platform. You will need to accept the invite by following the email instructions or logging into your account settings.

  3. Consultation

    Our social media strategist will contact you for a brief introduction and discuss your current set up. Once we learn more about you, your business, and your needs, we will go back to analyzing your campaigns.

  4. Get your results

    After reviewing your account, our strategist will schedule another time to share your results with you. They will recommend next steps so you can start improving your advertising performance.

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What We Review

If you are currently not seeing any results, there is a chance that something is affecting your social media campaigns. Below are a few things we look at to make sure your ads are on the right track.

Social Media Strategy

What strategy are you using across campaigns? How often are you optimizing your social media accounts?

Campaign Structure

Are your campaigns well organized? How do they align with your products, services, promos, and events?

Audience & Location

Targeting the right audience will save your budget. Is your audience relevant to the ads you are serving them?

Budget Allocation

How is your budget shared across campaigns? Are you spending enough on ads that are performing?

Ad Quality & Relevancy

Ads influence clicks, reach, engagement, and more. Are you confident your ads are effective?

Landing Page

How are users responding to your landing pages? Do they know what to do or where to go after they click on your ad?

Bid Strategy

Bid type can lower your cost per acquisition. Are you using the right bidding strategy to maximize your budget?

Goals & Conversions

Track website engagement from your social media ads. Are you tracking the right metrics that matter to you?

…and much more!
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Get a free review of your Facebook ads or Instagram ads and get your paid social media back on track. Get higher engagements and grow your sales with high quality ads.
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Let paid social media help your business grow with an effective strategy. Start engaging with social media users on Facebook ads and Instagram ads. A social media strategist will reach out to schedule a discovery call and walk you through our steps to help you get started.

Pricing is based on your monthly ad spend. Paid social media management fees start from only $199/month.

*By submitting, you are agreeing to our privacy policy and understand you may be contacted by someone from Strategic Marketing, Inc.
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